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Case Study: Atlassian and Workwear Direct

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Strengthening Employee Engagement with Sustainable Employee Rewards:

Atlassian Partnering with Workwear DirectAtlassian, a leading provider of work management, IT service management, and Agile & DevOps solutions, recognized the importance of fostering a positive work environment and boosting employee morale. To achieve this, Atlassian sought to introduce a rewards program for their employees to acknowledge their achievements and contributions. Partnering with Workwear Direct, a prominent supplier of quality workwear and safety products, Atlassian found the perfect solution to enhance employee engagement through sustainable employee rewards. 


Client Background: Atlassian is a global technology company renowned for its innovative software solutions that cater to diverse industries and work practices. Their dedication to improving work processes and fostering collaboration has made them a trusted partner for organizations of all sizes. 

Challenges Faced by Atlassian: Atlassian aimed to establish an employee rewards program that not only celebrated employee achievements but also aligned with their commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. They sought to find a supplier that could source high-quality, environmentally friendly merchandise for their rewards program. Additionally, they required a seamless and convenient ordering process for their employees to select and receive their rewards efficiently. 

The Workwear Direct Solution: Workwear Direct, a company that values sustainability and supports social enterprises, took on the challenge of providing Atlassian with an exceptional solution for their employee rewards program. Here's how Workwear Direct addressed Atlassian's needs: 

Sourcing Sustainable Merchandise: Understanding Atlassian's emphasis on sustainability, Workwear Direct carefully sourced high-quality, eco-friendly merchandise. By offering products made from recycled materials, such as the District Re-fleece, Workwear Direct ensured that Atlassian's rewards program contributed to their commitment to sustainability. 

Discounted Employee Rewards: Workwear Direct partnered with Atlassian to provide a significant discount on their employee achievements rewards hoodie. This enabled Atlassian to offer attractive rewards to their employees while staying within their budget. 

Streamlined Ordering Process: Workwear Direct developed a user-friendly, self-serve interface to support cashless transactions. This interface allowed Atlassian employees to easily select and order their preferred rewards, streamlining the entire ordering process. 

Results and Benefits: The collaboration between Atlassian and Workwear Direct yielded several significant results and benefits: 

Improved Employee Engagement: The introduction of a rewards program incentivized employees and fostered a positive work culture, ultimately boosting employee engagement and productivity. 

Sustainable Employee Rewards: By sourcing sustainable merchandise, Atlassian demonstrated their commitment to environmental responsibility, aligning their rewards program with their corporate values. 

Cost-Effective Rewards: Through their partnership with Workwear Direct, Atlassian secured discounted rewards for their employees, making the rewards program cost-effective while maintaining high-quality products. 

Seamless Ordering Experience: The self-serve interface provided by Workwear Direct streamlined the rewards ordering process, saving time and effort for both Atlassian and its employees. 

The collaboration between Atlassian and Workwear Direct exemplifies the value of sustainable and well-executed employee rewards programs. By partnering with a supplier that shares similar values, Atlassian was able to provide meaningful and eco-friendly rewards to their employees, fostering a positive work environment and enhancing employee engagement. This case study showcases the potential of strategic partnerships to achieve both business objectives and corporate social responsibility goals. 


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